• Trekking

    Health Considerations when going on a Holiday Trek

    Disappearing out into the wilderness is many peoples idea of heaven but without taking the necessary precautions you can soon fall foul of all that the elements can throw at you. If you are planning a trip out into the wilds of wooly think again, as there is a lot more to it than a […]

  • RimowaSalsaAir

    Some Luggage Picks For This Vacation Season

    It’s the middle of vacation season and many people out there will have their trips planned for summer – but do they have the right luggage? When you go away on any sort of trip it’s essential to have luggage that you can trust and rely on. Your bags and cases need to perform. If […]

  • Take care of your dogs during holidays

    5 Things You Need To Do For Your Dog Before You Go On Holidays

    Generally, it’s okay to bring your pet on your holiday vacation or trip. But there are instances when it’s better to leave your dog at home than bringing it along with the baggage. Examples include: pure business trips, personal bonding with your partner, or when you need to go overseas. Being away with your pet […]

  • Spanish Language

    Learn Spanish and You Can Travel the World

    Spanish is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world and whether you take just a few basic Spanish lessons in order to be able to ask for directions, greet people or negotiate pricing, knowing some Spanish can go a long way toward making your travel easier and more convenient. While Spanish is […]

  • amenities you must have on your flight

    3 amenities you must have on your next charter flight

    Nothing spells luxury more than the ability to fly on private jet charter flights. Not everyone can well afford the steep costs that come with this service, so the whole thing remains more or less an exclusive service within a small community of well-to-do travelers. The costs for private jet charter flights are spelled in […]

  • travel insurance

    Travel Insurance Facts You Must Know About

    Frequent travelers may already have heard about travel insurance and how beneficial it can be for you. A lot of your friends have decided to avail of travel insurance policies prior to traveling abroad. According to experts, this is a “must-have” regardless if you will just be visiting a country, studying abroad or working in […]

  • Travelling to Italy

    How to ensure your Digital Camera is Safe when Travelling

    If you’ve purchased an SLR or any sort of decent quality digital camera, chances are that you’ll have paid a reasonable amount of money for it. Needless to say paying such a price is fine once you’re getting great value from the item – however should it go missing you’re going to be quite unhappy. Travelling with a […]

  • Have a Safe Journey With Travel Vaccinations

    The first thing that comes to our mind when planning a travel is to get our travel documents ready, however it is equally important to get all the required vaccinations. Certain unfortunate circumstances may spoil our fun and adventure during our travel and we may end up spending most of our time sick in bed. […]

  • Lake Garda

    Lake Garda – The Largest Lake in Italy

    Shadowed by the Dolomites and a playground for Italians, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. With glistening clear waters, fine beaches and lots of activities from water sports to other outdoor activities and all kind of tours. There are endless choices from kite surfing to windsurfing, sailing and hiking, mountain biking or climbing. […]

  • Planning a Perfect Vacation

    Reasons why you should take a vacation

    If you’re a careerist or “workaholic” you’ve probably already heard someone utter the phrase “you really need to take a vacation” at you.  Most of the time, this indicates that someone is picking up on your general level of stress and/or frustration and is perhaps recommending a beneficial course of action to you.  Of course this is […]

  • Group Travel Advantages

    Why You Should Use a Travel Agent to Book Your Next Holiday

    Planning for a trip can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. Using travel specialists to organise your trip is a smart decision because they generally know more about the booking process and also give a safety net throughout the trip that you just won’t get in case you book yourself. They’re also well connected, have […]

  • Group Travel Advantages

    Group Travel Planning Is More Fun At A Lesser Price

    Group travel planning has great many benefits, travelling in large group saves money and people make merry because they enjoy each others company. People feel safe, secure and at home when they are a part of a huge group. A group that travels together is a team that sets out with a mission to explore […]