Preparing for Your First Road Trip

  1. Preparing for Your First Road Trip

If you have never taken a road trip before, then you are certainly in for a real treat. With nothing between you and your destination but miles of open road, there are lots of adventures to be had, and a few treasures you won’t find traveling any other way. Before you embark on this mammoth event, you need to make sure you are prepared. Ideally, you want to take someone with you to share the fun, but if you are traveling alone, preparation is even more important.

Planning Your Trip

You might think that road trips are all about heading off in one direction and seeing where it takes you. Although you can go wherever you want, you still need to do a little planning to make things easier. For example, you need to know as much as possible where you can find places to stay. You don’t want to be driving for long hours because there are no hotels along the route. It is also a good idea to plan meal stops and rest breaks unless you see something interesting along the way. If you are going on a road trip in another country, then make sure you know the road laws and requirements before you travel.

Picking Your Transport

An essential part of any road trip is the vehicle; you need to have something that is reliable and can carry you and your luggage. You need to take an honest look at your own vehicle and assess if it is up to the job. If it isn’t, then you need to think about finding an alternative. Go to the Eastern Mini showrooms and see what they have to offer. Many dealerships will have low mileage cars that will be perfect for your needs.

Packing the Supplies

Although you may have planned to eat as you go along, it is still a good idea to take some supplies with you. It might be that you miss the hotel, or you get diverted and need to stop. If you have some food with you, it will make things more comfortable. Another important item is a medical pack; you need to put everything you may need in, and even a few things you hopefully won’t. Many websites will give you advice on the best medical items to pack for a trip, and you also need to make sure that you have more than an adequate supply of any medication if you need it.


Even though you will need money along the way, it is best that you don’t carry a lot of money with you. There are many other ways to pay now including tap and pay that are far safer and easier. Make sure that you have access to other funds if you need them, and remember to take into consideration international exchange rates and charges if you are going abroad.

With everything planned and arranged in advance, you can concentrate on exploring the open road and experiencing new adventures.

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