Costa Rican Lifestyle Tips

  1. Costa Rican Lifestyle Tips

The Costa Rican population enjoys a standard of living like no other, which is why it’s such a happy country. Sometimes referred to as the “jewel of Central America,” Costa Rica is known for its fascinating culture and lifestyle, as well as the beautiful views, which is why so many US citizens holiday there during peak season – and why some even relocate.

Costa Ricans are known for thier long and healthy lives, even those in the poorest parts of the country. As we know, out habits can make a big difference to our overall health and length of life. With this in mind, here are four lifestyle tips from Costa Rica that you can incorporate into your daily life, wherever you live.

Healthy Food

Costa Ricans adopt a mainly vegetarian diet, adding beans, lentils and rice to many of their dishes. The cuisine is known for being well rounded, rich in nutrients, and always cooked using fresh ingredients. Costa Ricans are also keen fishermen, and a typical dish served on the Caribbean coast of Costa-Rica would be fresh fish with black beans and rice cooked in coconut milk.

You can easily emulate this style of eating wherever you live by sourcing fresh fruits and vegetables and relying on non-meat sources of protein like beans and pulses. Make sure you cook everything from scratch and avoid preservatives and added sugars. 


Like in most Western countries, the people of Costa-Rica are keen coffee-drinkers. The beverage is usually strong, served with cane sugar and milk, and of a high quality and superior grind.

As well as caffeinated beverages, many Costa Ricans also drink “frescos” and “batidos” which are essentially smoothies made with fresh fruit and milk or water, so they’re easy to replicate at home.  Ginger beer is also enjoyed on the Caribbean side of the country and is sometimes mixed with wine. In terms of alcohol consumption, the most commonly consumed drink is beer, but many also enjoy rum, Guaro, and coffee liquor.


Costa Rica has strict smoking laws and places hefty taxes on cigarettes as part its campaign to stop people smoking. As such, anyone who violates these rules will face a hefty fine, so the campaign has seen positive results. Smoking has now been almost eradicated in some areas of Costa Rica, so if you’re planning a trip, it makes sense to purchase a vaporizer from, as you won’t be able to smoke cigarettes in bars, restaurants, parks or public spaces.


Although Costa Rica is not as developed as other nations, its healthcare system (known as the Caja) is rated highly around the world, and the country is well known for its many public and private hospitals. The Caja is available to all citizens and residents from the country’s ten public hospitals. There are also small clinics called EBAIS located in each community. We could all stand to gain from adopting Costa Rica’s healthcare system, but many of us will have to make do with adopting their lifestyle tips.

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