Tips for Motorcycling Across The USA

  1. Tips for Motorcycling Across The USA

A cross-country road trip is often viewed as a romantic way to see the country. It’s easy to see why this idea has so much appeal; the United States is renowned for both its size and its variety. Over its 9 million square kilometers, the country hosts just about every conceivable form of terrain, as well as a number of landmarks that are worldwide icons. There has always been a debate raging about how one can best go about seeing everything this country has to offer, and of all the possible options, motorcycling remains a firm favorite.

Motorcycles offer a greater sense of freedom than a car and not being able to stuff the back of it with all manner of unnecessary items for your journey encourages riders to travel with just the essentials. There is also something about feeling the wind beating against your jacket, which makes the whole journey a more immersive experience.

Improvise Your Journey…

If you’re planning to ride across the whole country, or a significant portion of it, then you might be tempted to sit down beforehand and figure out how you can visit as many landmarks as possible in the time you have. This seems like a logical idea, but sticking rigidly to a schedule will ultimately detract from the overall experience. No amount of pre-planning is the same as actually visiting an area and no guidebook or map can tell you what it is that you personally will be interested in once you arrive somewhere. It’s ok to have a general route planned, but beyond that, you should go where the mood takes you and let fate decide what you stumble across during your journey.

…But Prepare Your Supplies

When it comes to equipment and supplies, however, then some preparation beforehand is definitely a good thing. As well as your usual riding gear, have a look at various motorcycle supply stores such as, and check for anything you might have overlooked, but which will be useful to you. Beyond that, you should aim to travel light, but you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for anything, particularly getting lost. Remember, there are large sections of the United States that are sparsely populated and in some cases hostile.

Trust the Locals

Wherever you find yourself on your trip and regardless of what you think you might know about any given city or area, you should always defer to the knowledge of locals for everything from finding the optimal route between two points to where to get the best food and accommodation. Remember that as wonderful as GPS technology and online guidebooks are, they can’t be the knowledge that comes from actually living in an area.

Motorcycling across the USA remains a popular bucket list item for many people and is something that one should definitely consider doing if the opportunity and circumstances present themselves. To truly experience the United States and all it has to offer takes considerable time, but even if your journey only provides you with a snapshot of the different cultures, it will still be worth it.

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