Top Ten Women’s Business Travel Accessories

Packing for that upcoming business trip? We’ve got you covered with the top ten items every women needs for living her best jet setting and money making life. Be prepared, relaxed, and connected with our accessory list that will take the pain out of the business of travel.

  1. A Mini Emergency Travel Kit

Accidents are inevitable. Learn to outsmart them by carrying a travel emergency kit. Lose a button, get a paper cut, or have coffee breath? Not a problem. Choose this TSA compliant model from Sephora that fits in the palm of your hand.

  1. External Battery Pack

Never fear that low percentage warning again by packing a juiced up external battery for all your devices. A battery pack will keep you connected and ensure you never have to fight for a crowded airport charging station. Check out this internationally approved model from Amazon.

Loaded up Smartphone

Be at the top of your game with apps designed to fit your travel needs. Download a quality translation app like Google translate, a transportation guru like Uber, and a free messaging app like WhatsApp that will keep you connected without raking up huge international fees.

Noise Canceling Headphones and Mask

Even if you don’t plan to sleep on the plane, having noise canceling headphones and/or a sleep mask is almost as important as your passport. Fight jetlag and stay well rested even if your hotel is in the noisiest part of town. Bonus tip: the headphones are perfect for quiet work time if you find yourself in a crowded collaborative workspace.

A Prepared Immune System

Make sure your body is as prepared as your mind by making healthy choices pre-flight. In the week before you travel, make an effort to work out, get natural vitamin C and D, and center yourself with massage or meditation.


You should always carry multiple copies of all important travel documents. An emergency contact list and the printed address of your destination in English and the native language are also crucial to having a stress free trip.

Your Resume/Business Cards

Be ready to impress at all times. You never know whom you might be seated next to or bump into along the way. Carry a copy of your resume or some business cards with you to be sure you never miss a networking opportunity.

Tights/Leggings for In-flight Wear

Women travelers should be aware that air travel, along with things like birth control, could raise the risk of blot clots. If you know that you are at a higher risk, try traveling in compression tights or even yoga pants.

A Watch Set to Your Home Time Zone

Your electronic devices will automatically adjust to a different time zone, but using an analog watch will help you keep track of what time your body is actually on.

 A Way to Rejuvenate  

Travel is torture for your skin. Pack along a night cream or gentle facemask to practice self-care and keep you feeling your best throughout your busy connections. Long flight? Why not use the time to do some extra (invisible) beauty work like a leave on mask or teeth whitening strips?

Be prepared to take the world by storm by following our helpful guide for business travel success.

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