Make Your Children’s Travel Scrapbook One Of A Kind

  1. Make Your Childrens Travel Scrapbook One Of A Kind

Just a normal photo album is now very passé. The present ‘in thing’ is to save memories in the form of scrapbooks. Scrapbooking is an art of preserving and further creatively arranging photos, personal keepsakes and printed media along with artwork in the form of a book, a card or even a box. Scrapbook albums contain journal entries too apart from extensive decoration.

Scrapbook ideas

Even if started with the best of intentions, a number of things can go wrong while making a scrapbook with no theme in mind. A Disney theme would be different and fun, especially for family photos or a scrapbook marking the milestones in the life of your children. Better still would be a scrapbook preserving the memories of a visit to Disney world. A few disney scrapbook ideas are listed to get you started on the right trick for the one of a kind scrapbook.

Cartoon character layouts

A scrapbook for kids sans Mickey Mouse, Donald duck, Pluto, goofy and a host of characters sounds incomplete. There are loads of Disney toons to choose from. One way could be to make an entire scrapbook on just one set of characters. This could mean to have a ‘Frozen’ theme for the girls with each page layout consisting of Anna, Elsa and their gang. The pages can be blue with snow elements. Snowflakes can be added as motifs. Snowman cutouts with a colourful nose and three dimensional stick or wire hands can add a ‘wow’ factor too. For a unique layout, the famous lyrics ‘let it go’ can be added using beads or buttons as artwork around the pictures.

Just like how the ‘Frozen’ theme can be explored, there are a host of Disney princesses on whom the layouts can be based. Similarly for boys, characters from the ‘Toy Story’ like Buzz Lightyear and Woody, or Peter Pan and the pirates. The ‘Cars’ cast is also an eternal favourite among boys just as much as Mickey and his gang of friends. A few off beat themes would include Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie and the rest of the cast characters. Or, Stitch and Lilo are equally popular amongst children.

A scrapbook can be made on either one particular theme with each page layout adhering to the said theme. Or, the book could have random Disney characters and travel images.

Another idea would be to include the iconic Disney castle and similar landmark objects in place of characters for the scrapbook. It could be a cutout of Mickey’s ears, the wishing well or the iconic hat. All of these signify Disney without actually having all the characters.

A number of online stores offer Disney inspired ready page layouts, thus making things a lot easier. However for those who want to make it on their own, inspiration can be sought online for ideas. Printed media, artwork and motifs as well as cutouts are available for the theme. All of these add unique and special elements to the overall feel of the book and enhance the photos too.

A Disney themed scrapbook is the latest ‘in thing’, so go ahead and surf this trend wave. Let the ideas awaken your inner child and have a blast reliving the childhood fun.

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