Weekend holiday ideas for the family

  1. Weekend holiday ideas for the family

When it comes to a holiday destination, most people would often go to Bali or Thailand for a tropical resort of some sort. However nowadays there are plenty of other options for a lower fare which can be equally relaxing.

If you have children and would like to go on a family holiday, there are plenty of options available which you all can enjoy. So although you might want to relax in some Bali Villas or some expensive island resort, there are other affordable options you can choose to enjoy.

Here are some things you can do together with your family. Ensure that the places you choose to book always allow kids and have space for extra beds and other gear.

Theme parks: if you have an adventurous spirit and also have young kids, this might be the perfect destination for you. Theme parks have a wide range of rides and thrills to satisfy kids and adults both. You could even book a hotel near the place and come back for more fun.

Beaches: if you and your family would prefer a relaxing holiday, a beach would be ideal. Stay at a nearby resort or cabin and enjoy long walks along the sand and build sand castles whilst you are at it. Enjoy delicious seafood meals and go for a swim in the ocean. There are many water sports available that could be fun to enjoy with the family.

Explore a new city: this could be an exciting trip to take for the thrill seeking family, explore a new city and find more about its culture, explore some new eateries, shopping hotspots and other areas of interest. This might take you a few days so best would be to hire a comfortable room nearby and take your time discovering the exciting bits of your chosen city.

Camping: Summer school camps aside, going on a camping trip with your family can make for an exciting experience. You get to set up your tents, cook your own food and sleep out in the open without all the comforts you would normally come to expect from a standard hotel. You could do many things to keep yourselves entertained throughout the journey. Popular activities include fishing, hiking or telling stories around the camp fire.

Bed and breakfast:  A normal bed and breakfast would be cosy but not as luxurious as a hotel. Spend some time in one for a quiet and relaxing time out with your family. Choose one that is away from the noise and pollution of the city. Enjoy bike rides or early morning walks. Do some fishing, go to the weekend markets or engage in some vintage shopping. Do something out of the box.

Taking the time to enjoy with your family is important in keeping and maintaining healthy relationships. It can help you to relax and unwind from the daily stress that is caused by work and other priorities. By taking time off, you are also ensuring everyone in the family gets a break and has time to rest and reflect on their life. The short break can help you to come back to your daily activities feeling much more relaxed and energised.


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