Foods to Eat from Around the World

  1. Foods to Eat from Around the World

In addition to culture, one of the best parts about travelling is getting to try lots of new cuisines. Some of them can taste quite strange on your tongue, while others may taste a little closer to home. You have probably already tried many international cuisines. Chinese, Thai, Italian, and Indian are some of the most commonly scarfed meals around. You do not always have to fly halfway across the globe to find what you are looking for. Sometimes you will be able to find a small restaurant or café that is serving up just what you are searching for. Here are some of the must-try dishes around the world:

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

You have probably eaten many different type of spring rolls in your day. Most of what you have tried, however, was most likely golden brown, crispy, and deep fried. Of course, this sounds delicious. If you are looking for an entirely new treat, however, you should try the Vietnamese version. These have succulent fillings that are lovingly and delicately wrapped in rice paper wrappers. If you want to taste these lovely delicacies but avoid purchasing an airplane ticket, you are in luck. Misschu Melbourne has managed to perfect the art of creating this tasty dish. Head on over and give it a try.

Italian Gelato

There are many different options available around the world, but it is probably almost impossible to beat the concoctions created in Italy. First, the texture is incredibly creamy, the flavours, decadent, and it is an experience that really can’t be beaten. If you want to find the real deal, then you may want to head to Florence. Florence was where this icy dessert was first created, and it remains one of the few places that stays true to the original recipe. If you love gelato and are looking to tantalize your tastebuds, then Italy is the place to go. Once you have tried true gelato, you will not be satisfied with the other versions.

French Macarons

The French cuisine has probably cornered the market on pastries. The macaron, in particular, stands out from the rest. The light, airy shell with a hint of flavour encapsulates thick creamy or jammy fillings. Of course, you can find something similar in a café in your own city. No need to book a flight to France. While it is certainly the cheaper option, it probably will not live up to the delicious delight nestled in Paris. You can still eat at the place where the macaron was originally created all those years ago.

Ethiopian Chechebsa

This dish is also affectionately known as fit-fit among the locals. It is typically eaten at breakfast. What makes this yummy dish so tempting? It involves bits of bread dipped in spices and then fried in clarified butter. You will be hard pressed to find something quite so bursting in flavour, particularly, first thing in the morning. Though it can be eaten alone, this dish is sometimes accompanied by some plain yoghurt. The yoghurt is certainly encouraged if you are not used to especially spicy food.

If you are headed to any of these countries, you should definitely check out these dishes. If you are grounded for a while, try to find a restaurant that will cater to your cravings. While they may not live up to the real deal, they will certainly provide you with an interesting new experience.

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