A Brief On Zanzibar And Its Famous Destination For Travel

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Zanzibar, a small semi autonomous part of the country of Tanzania, is a place with a total area of around 2461 square kms. One of the islands situated in the Indian Ocean, this place is a heaven for wildlife lovers. Zanzibar is hugely famous for the tourists and one can quite easily state that Tourism is one of the main sectors of the Economy of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a home to several one of a kind flora and flora and tourists are fond of visiting this place to seek some loneliness and different lifestyle away from City Life.

Zanzibar Coastal Tourism

Being famous for coastal tourism, the place offers a huge list of lovely beaches and resorts, which can prove to be a Mesmerizing experience for the tourists. Several coral beaches and resorts present in Zanzibar, always presents the perfect backdrop for the tourism industry to flourish here. Among, those coral beaches, one ‘Chapwani Resort’ is an exemplary example of a little paradise, which tourists come here in search for.

What makes you visit this Chapwani Resort?

A private island spread in an area of 5 hectares is a place where reaching is no less than an adventure. A 15 minutes of ride through boat is needed to reach this beautiful piece of heaven and as you come near to this place, the momentous joy of ride gets double with the lovely feel of nature and freshness.

Travelling facility to and from this Resort

The free service through boat is available provided by Chapwani Resort, which leaves the island at 10:00 in the morning to make a visit to the Zanzibar Town while returning back at 1:30 in afternoon. The facility of more private and autonomous boat movement at a nominal fee is also provided by Resort to make tourists more relaxed.

Features of Resort

Some features of Chapwani Resort, which are worth mentioning here are

  • Facility of Traditional fishing
  • Local diving to discover the crystal clear blue waters of Zanzibar
  • Fantastic excursions like Prison Island visit and sand bank
  • Facility of sunset cruise
  • Snorkelling, kayaking
  • Visit to snake island
  • A visit to spice plantation
  • A visit to tropical forest of Jozani with opportunities for photography
  • Historical visit to Grave Island, thus providing you an opportunity to dive into the history
  • Wedding services and proper assistance for marriage certificate
  • Ceremonies like a renewal of vows
  • Perfect setup for marriage ceremonies, anniversaries and honeymoon
  • Facility of Massage
  • Boutiques presenting you a chance for local craftwork, clothes, and other accessories

The main aspect of the visit to Chapwani Resort is when you’re on a visit to this place; you can closely associate the visit to the whole tradition of Zanzibar and can closely understand and feel the cultural aspects of Zanzibar. Maintaining the ecological balance of the nature, the Chapwani Resort is a display of very minutely maintained piece of nature with the entire facilities available for the perfect needs of tourists. Have a tour to Zanzibar to seek peace of mind and visit Chapwani Private Resort!

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