Pros and Cons of Moving into a Melbourne Furnished Apartment

  1. Moving To Melbourne

Moving into a new country or town can be a stressful situation as there are things like renting and bills to worry about. When it comes to renting your first place, there are two options- furnished or unfurnished? Although furnished is the less common option, it might be suitable if you frequently travelling to London or Melbourne or any other big city, Suitable for student or someone who does not have a lot of time to shop for furniture and other appliances.

There are many furnished apartments Melbourne as these all come with basic kitchen machines and cutlery, bathroom essentials and other important items needed for everyday living.

The pros:

  • It will be easy to move in: As you don’t have the responsibility of buying or owning anything in the house except for your clothes, you can move in and out very easily.
  • You can save money buying furniture: Furniture can be a huge expense and if you are a student or recent graduate, it might not be a top priority to have your own furniture.
  • Can be a good idea when you have less time: If you are short on time and need a place quickly, furnished apartments might be a good way to go. You can discuss the important stuff over the phone and check the apartment online and just move in on the day. No hassle with personal items, furniture or paying moving companies.
  • Might be available on a shorter lease: As furnished apartments are mostly sought after by frequent travellers or students, there is a chance it can be leased for a shorter period compared to unfurnished apartments.

The cons:

  • The rent will be higher: This is really a no brainer since you are not only renting the apartment but also all the furniture and the appliances that come with it. It is only fair that you pay for the amenities provided.
  • Liabilities are higher: When renting a property, one must always be careful to return the property in the exact same condition they found it in. So no screwing holes or painting walls. With a furnished apartment, the liabilities increase as you not only have to look after the property but also the furniture.
  • Fewer choices: If you do decide to go for a furnished apartment, you will have to accept the fact that it is not very common to find them as it is quite a bit of work or provide guests with all the facilities.
  • No say in the interiors: unlike having your own property, renting one means you will have little to any control over many things and one of them being the interior of the house of apartment. You can make small changes like adding art or flowers but any major changes will have to be discussed with the landlord first.

Although furnished apartments can be a great choice for the time poor, there are some cons to consider before making your final decision.

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