London On A Budget

  1. London On Budget

Travelling to London this year? Be aware it can be expensive. However, these tips below are there to help you save and do the city on a budget.

Pick up a Visitor Oyster Card

Getting an Oyster Card, which is a travel smartcard that will give you reduced rates on the city’s public transport, is one of the most effective ways to save money when you are visiting London. With the card, you can save more than 50% over buying single tickets with cash or a paper Travelcard that is good for one day. It’s a great idea to order the card ahead of time so you can begin saving as soon as you arrive.

Insider Tip – With the Visitor Oyster Card, you can get discounts on drinks, food and many other special offers.

Use Your Legs!

You will probably want to take public transport when you are going longer distances it is great to explore Central London either by cycling or walking. The city has established a “Boris bike” system that makes it easy to get around in London. You will be able to get exercise, see more of the sights and you might even chance upon some hidden beauties as you walk around.

Insider Tip – It is faster to walk than to ride between transit stations such as Leicester Square and Covent Garden, especially when the transit system is busy.

Use a Comparison Site

There are a number of great sites on the web that can provide great deals on travel and also accommodation. If you’re going to London, then check out Triporia, HotelsCombined, or Trivago – they have a great selection of deals on hotels and other forms of accommodation.

Check Out Free Attractions

London is filled with many, many wonderful landmarks and attractions that are free to visit. For example, you can go to the National Gallery, the British Museum, Tate Britain, Tate Modern and spectacular outdoor attractions such as Hampstead Heath and Hyde Park.

Insider Tip – Don’t overlook attractions such as the Changing of the Guard and other free spectacles.

Go To Happy Hours

To save money on food or drink, go the happy hours at the pubs or go to one of London’s student club nights. You will be able to get special drink promotions including 2 for 1 deals and you will have a great time without flattening your wallet.

Insider Tip – Ask for information about the latest student club at your hostel.

Go to the Smaller Shows

London’s comedy, cabaret and live music scene is thriving. And most of these smaller shows are much more affordable than the big-name music acts and the shows at the traditional theatres.

Insider Tip – You can find some unexpectedly and amazing cabaret shows at bijoux venues.

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