Chaoyang Theatre: Chinese Acrobatic Show Bending the Laws of Physics

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Beijing is a unique place offering the perfect mix of a rich historical past and a modern, promising future. It is a vibrant city of colours, smell of delicious street food, the sound of bike bells and chances to discover something unexpected at every corner. In the heart of this booming chaos for all senses, you might stumble upon the Chaoyang Theatre. This place boasts with excellent acrobatic shows every single day. The international acclaim and the fascinating number of over three million foreign audiences for the past 20 years leave no doubt that this is an exceptional performance.

The flying acrobatics show is the highlight of the 2000 year old Chinese acrobatic history. It can steal your breath, make your heart skip a beat and provoke you to question the laws of Physics all at the same time.

One of the most fascinating performances includes a group of men jumping up and down in the air. With every successful landing, the moves become more elaborate. The culmination of this act involves an acrobat, making three somersaults in the air to sit on a chair, six metres above the ground, held by another man standing on stilts. If that sounds complicated, imagine how difficult it is to perform.

In another act, the acrobats balance a human tower over a ramp on a rolling ball. They slay from slide to side and each move makes you freeze. For the grand finale, the man on the top of the tower tries to keep steady on a second ramp and a ball. Some spectators look away, too scared to see how it goes. But most are so captivated that they cannot take their eyes off the show. Surely enough, there is a happy ending.

Each act is executed with an overwhelming precision. The moves are flawlessly synchronised, the jumping acrobat falls perfectly on his feet, the bent girl effortlessly balances five stacks of plates. One can only guess the amount of work that such a performance requires. The exceptional audiovisual effects and the ornate multicoloured suits add to the atmosphere of the show. Still, the most amazing part is seeing what incredible things a human is capable of.

The show is on every single day of the year, including Christmas and New year (both Chinese and western).

The daily performance is currently three times a day (15:50, 17:30 & 19:00) but can vary depending on season and lasts for a little more than an hour. For advanced ticket booking to make sure you don’t miss the show while visiting Beijing, please see the official Chaoyang Theatre website for more information. Please note that booked tickets will also be discounted, currently starting at 220RMB or 30 US dollars. Tickets can be picked up from the ticket window before the show starts, and paid on the spot by cash or credit card.

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