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Vietnam is the easternmost country located in Southeast Asia on the Indochina Peninsula. It borders China, Gulf of Tonkin, Cambodia and Laos. Though Vietnam is associated mostly with the Vietnamese war in the past, it’s today a major tourist attraction and destination. This has been enhanced by its incredible geographical location with extensive coastlines, high mountains, islands crisscrossing multitude of waterways. For those who are fond of getting off the beaten path and such like activities like bike touring, North Vietnam provides just an excellent location. Below are some of the reasons why you need to be part of North Vietnam biking tours.

Experience some of the exciting and best attractions in Vietnam as you ride
some of the fabulous destinations that are closely tied to the name Vietnam include some of its cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and Cu Chi tunnels. There are also beaches and-and mountainous regions to be enjoyed. For bike touring these are some of the ingredients that make the whole exercise interesting.

Vietnam weather and its tourist seasons

North Vietnam has a diverse climate as the culture and its people. Picking the appropriate time to visit especially if you are to catch the biking tour warrants serious consideration. Please visit this site if you wish to participate in North Vietnam Biking Tour. You surely don’t want to cycle difficult mountain terrain during wet seasons since Vietnam is subtropical northwards and tropical southwards.

The Vietnamese Food and Culture

Vietnamese people have one of the diverse cultures just like their food on the face of the earth. The Vietnamese are characteristically Asian with regards to etiquette. They may come across as abrupt and brass, they are interested in foreigners and very. English isn’t an official language and is not widely spoken as they prefer using their own dialects. For you to enjoy your bike riding tour, please visit this site for proper advice and more. You can as well visit the site for more information on bike ride scheduling, accommodation:

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