The Best Show In Las Vegas: “Paranormal: The Mindreading Magic Show” By Frederic Da Silva

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There are many shows in Las Vegas, but “Paranormal: the Mindreading Magic Show” by Frederic Da Silva is really one of the top attractions.

Currently Frederic Da Silva is regarded as the Best Mentalist in the world.  He perform the best magic show in Las Vegas 48 times in a month at Bally’s Hotel and Casino. This great famous magician enchants the people with his movements and words and let them speechless making them asking whether he uses some tricks or not.

Da Silva explain how he adopt a mix of different strategies  that combine a number of skills  in his performance: such as psychology, hypnosis and memory. While he might say the name that’s been floating in your brain or let you become a magician yourself, the trick lies in the element of shock.

No wonder that Da Silva is also very transparent when it comes to picking up volunteers during the show. People are chosen exclusively through random criteria. There are no pre-set volunteers, no fakes.  The goal is to turn the sceptics into believers that anything unexpected does not have to be explained.

Da Silva’s passion for magic, illusion and hypnotism starts when he was still a kid. He thinks that magicians really don’t have any super power as it is often claimed but the trick that most of them use is distracting the people from the clues before them. And it requires a lot of training also for the best magicians.

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