The Pristine Beaches of Cornwall and the Scilly Isles

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The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago, close to the southwestern tip of Great Britain. It is close to the Cornish peninsula and hence forms a part of the county of Cornwall and most of the services are combined with that of Cornwall. If you are a tourist and a beach lover then this is one of the ideal destinations, as the beaches here are unexplored, pristine and close to nature and the population of all the islands is just about 2000, so you will get to have peaceful time. The dutchy of Cornwall owns most of the freehold lands and there is a separate local authority to handle most services.

Here is a list of most stunning and unexplored beaches in the Scilly Isles.

Pedn Vounder

You will not be able to take your eyes off the coves in this beach, clean air, the turquoise colour under the pleasant sun will remind you of the coves of Greece. This is situated near Porthcurno, and can be reached easily at low tide, even during other times it can be reached through the coast path. Avoid this naturist beach during stormy weather as it can be treacherous.

Porthkidney Beach

This beach is just south of St Ives and right next to the more popular Carbis Bay. This is far quieter and an even bigger sandy beach. You have to beat the tide to access this beach, the sand here is so fine and clean and you will have a great time during the summer months. The Hawk Point, the huge golf course and dunes behind this beach are added attractions.

Green Bay and Rushy Bay

Green Bay and Rushy Bay are in the Isle of Bryher. This isle is small, beautiful and special. The population of this isle is just 83, and has the mile long Green Bay and Rushy Bay. These beaches are absolutely silent, clean and are more akin to those beautiful tropical beaches. These tranquil sands are truly close to mother nature.


Falmouth is one of the more popular towns in the archipelago and Grebe is located near this town. This is a small shingle beach frequented by sailing enthusiasts. Though longer than other beaches around this area, it is quite narrow. However unlike the beaches listed above this one is easily accessible.

Since these isles are sparsely populated, prepare well before travelling. Check out for all the available business services in Isles of Scilly, and then plan your trip.

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