Enjoy The Surise & Sunset Of Arizona In A Hot Air Balloon Ride

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No words can explain the experience of enjoying the sunrise or sunset in a hot air balloon ride. The only concern some people have is about the safety of such rides, however a tethered hot air balloon, unlike free hot air balloon is perfectly safe. A tethered hot air balloon is thoroughly secured to the ground with several strong high performance ropes, to keep the balloon from flying away from the location of boarding.

These colorful and beautiful balloons can raise anywhere between 25 and 125 feet. It can carry between 50 and 75 people, so it doesn’t matter how big your family is, you can have one hell of of time. There are few good hot air balloon rides available in Arizona, however we highly recommend Phoenix, AZ balloon tour. They are thoroughly professional and very versatile, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a family outing or conducting an event. Hot Air Balloon rides offered by them can thoroughly excite and entertain your guests and can provide the much needed publicity for your event.

The Experience:

These balloons are truly stunning, the balloons are usually 80 ft tall when fully inflated and they become even more spectacular as it gets darker. The flame inside the balloons will illuminate the darkening skies. An event cannot get a better climax than a hot air balloon ride. Of late couples get married in hot air balloons, and there cannot be a better start to a married life that this romantic experience.

However if you are an event organizer you have to be mindful of the weather conditions. You cannot conduct this event if it is extremely windy or during risk of thunder storms. So make sure to plan your event after checking the forecast; a clear evening is important to enjoy the full beauty of this ride, also make sure to print your invitations with sufficient warning about weather. It is also important to check for the quality and professional history of the pilots and crews before booking. The Firebird Balloon service that we recommended has well trained staff and pilots to make sure your event is safe and well served.

Most good balloon ride companies offer a variety of balloons to choose from. Choose the right type based on your requirements and preferences. A tethered hot air balloon is perfectly safe and eye-catching. Have a great time in Arizona enjoying a hot air balloon ride..

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