Getaway to the British Virgin Islands

  1. British Virgin Islands

If you are planning a holiday and you just can’t choose where to visit next, consider the British Virgin Islands. The BVI holds many glorious beaches, sea life, food, nightlife and activities. Rest assured that you could never get bored! With these suggestions, you can guarantee the holiday of a lifetime.

Local Foods 

When visiting the British Virgin Islands, you will want to explore the culture of the islands. There so many different traditional foods and cuisine; why not try them all?

Fish soup is a popular dish that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. You will want to have a taste of the Callaloo soup that is made of leaves from a dasheen plant. It’s typically mixed with okra, local herbs and various meats like stewed oxtail, beef, goat and chicken. It can also be made with seafood. Saltfish is a favourite for the people of the BVI. You can eat it as a dish or add to special plates. Some side dishes include rice and peas, yams, fried plantains, dasheen, sweet potato, cassava, beans and lentils.

There are many places to explore among the BVI. The best way to navigate this territory is by boat. While there are many hotels and accommodations to choose from, chartering a yacht is a great way to reach all of those hard-to-get places. LateSail has great deals for chartering a yacht to the British Virgin Islands. While sailing around the BVI there are few places you should check out.

Tortola Island 

The capital of Tortola Island is Road Town. It’s considered the centre of business for islanders. If you don’t want to walk around the city, you can take the road north or west and find a quieter, gentler Tortola. Among the calmer areas of Tortola are roomy beaches, 13 marinas or a 521 -metre hike of Mount Sage.

If you are looking for places to dine while on Tortola Island, The BananaKeet Café has a great view. For a delicious brunch, head over to the Scaramouche Lounge Bar and Restaurant.

Visit Cane Garden Bay for a beautiful, clear and protected beach. There are plenty of places to grab food and drinks. On a clear day, enjoy the view of St. John, St. Thomas and even Puerto Rico.

Jost Van Dyke Island 

This island is laid back and it’s the best place to come if you just want to pull up a chair and get a drink. Go to Foxy’s for a convenient onsite brewery or swim up to the Soggy Dollar Bar. Be sure to try their famous rum cocktail, the Painkiller. There are plenty of chairs and hammocks to relax in.

If you are looking for something a bit more active Jost Van Dyke Island offers scuba diving and eco-excursions. You can enjoy the thrill of windsurfing or exploring the island with an ATV. If you head to the fast east end of the island, slip in the Bubbly Pool, a naturally formed tidal pool. Or go to Sandy Pit for snorkelling and beach picnics.

The Baths 

The Baths are comprised of granite boulders as large as 12 metres in diameter with white sand beaches and secret rock pools. This is the perfect place for snorkelers and explorers. You should arrive as early as you can. Pack as lightly as possible. But if you don’t, don’t worry, there are onshore bathroom facilities and lockers. This is when the water is the most clear and The Baths aren’t as crowded with tourists. There is a snack bar and if you walk up the hill, there is a full service restaurant.

For the perfect holiday, make a getaway to the British Virgin Islands. With traditional cuisine and an abundance of island activities, this will be your best holiday yet. Whether this is an intimate getaway with your significant other or your family, the BVI has so much to offer and more.

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