Tips On Building A Career In Tourism

  1. Tourism Jobs

We all love traveling. Every one of us enjoys traveling to a new place every once a year. But there are a few people who are so passionate about travelling that they wish they could spend their whole life on the move, exploring new places and destinations. Tourism jobs and career is just the right place to be in for these people. However, contrary to the beliefs of many people, not all jobs in this field entail travelling.

Skills Required 

The most important skill required for any person who wishes to enter the tourism industry, is a good interpersonal skill. Tourism jobs are all about good public relations and constantly interacting with different people of different backgrounds. Irrespective of your profile in this field, your primary focus has to be the interest and demands of other people. The primary focus of this industry is on hospitality.

Travel Agents

The job of a travel agent is to make good contacts with various corporations involved in the hospitality business and try and get the best travel deals for their clients. Arranging good tour plans is the primary responsibility of the travel agents. But a lot of new entrants in this field, come with the expectation that they, themselves, will get many chances to travel to a number of places. Traveling is a part of this job, but it should not be the main focus of the travel agents. Those who come with this sole objective often feel disappointed and soon perish.

Tour Guides

Another important job profile in the field of tourism is that of a tour guide. For those passionate about travelling should definitely opt for this option. It entails a lot of travelling. But at the same time, this job can be quite demanding and one would have to deal with the whims and fancies of their clients. This profile is best suited for those who like adventure in their life.

Financial Stability

The tourism industry is seasonal in nature. This is the biggest drawback of this industry. The financial returns during the off seasons tend to dry up completely. But on the other side, during their peak seasons, this industry more than enough makes up for the whole year’s losses. But the financial fluctuations experienced in this industry are quite vast and not everyone can deal with them effectively. Most of the people associated with the industry often complain about the fact that although this industry is quite dynamic in nature, it does not provide the enough financial compensation to its participants.

Personnel Dependency

The tourism industry is completely dependant on its personnel. The services of this industry are as good as the personnel that provide these services. However, due to the above-mentioned financial instability, this industry every year loses many good personnel who prefer switching to other options which provide a better financial return.

Thus, from the above discussion, it is quite evident that in order to be a part of tourism jobs and career, one needs to have enough passion to drive him out of all the hardships that this industry will present in his way.

Take A Career Test

If you are not completely sure on what direction you should take, then you might want to consider taking a career test. There are many online quizzes that can help you gain clarity to ensure you are moving in the right direction and not wasting your time.

Because you will spend more than half of your life at work, make sure you find a job that aligns with what makes you happy.