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Offered referred to simply as Newcastle, Newcastle-upon-Tyne is an iconic city in the north east of England, with a long history dating back to Roman times.

Located within the county of Tyne and Wear, Newcastle sits on the banks of the River Tyne which is an important part of the city and its daily life.

The people from the area are renowned for their friendliness and welcoming attitude, which is perhaps one of the reasons why it’s such a popular hotspot for tourists.

Newcastle has a great number of attractions; here are just a few things you might want to try if you’re staying in the area.

Theatre Royal

Located in the heart of the city, in the historic Grainger Town region, the Theatre Royal is one of the finest architectural examples.

Dating back to 1837, it has been restored to perfection and Edwardian style and opulence pervades the entire building. A Grade 1 listed structure, the pillars, turrets and domes create an impressive view, even from the outside.

The Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne

Many esteemed actors and actresses have performed at the Theatre Royal over the years and the Royal Shakespeare Company returns every year, considering Newcastle as its base in the north of the country.

The Christmas pantomime is another extremely popular event but throughout the year there are many other shows, ballets and performances. With an orchestral pit which can house up to 60 musicians and a stage big enough for 50 dancers, the Theatre Royal guarantees a spectacular visual feast for its visitors.

Blue Reef Aquarium

For some family fun, the Blue Reef Aquarium in nearby Tynemouth promises to deliver an exciting world of underwater enchantment, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

Graceful stingrays, quirky seahorses and scary sharks are just some of the creatures you could see during your visit. Hundreds of beautiful and unusual species await at Blue Reef Aquarium, including the cute Californian sea lions at Seal Cove.

Enjoy an underwater safari, listen to informative talks and while the day away watching otters, seals, clownfish and other marine wildlife that you just wouldn’t normally get the chance to observe in the wild.

Victoria Tunnel

An eerie experience not for the fainthearted, Victoria Tunnel has been frequently voted as the best attraction in Newcastle, also winning top spot from the North East of England Tourism Awards in 2013.

A preserved waggonway which lies beneath the city streets, Victoria Tunnel was originally created to transport coal from Spital Tongues Colliery to the Tyne, and was operational from 1842 for around two decades. Pitch black and dangerous, the waggonway was not a safe place in the 19th century with loaded wagons hurtling through its depths along a standard gauge rail track.

The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Victoria Tunnel, Newcastle upon Tyne

After its closure in 1860, the Tunnel was not in use until it was re-opened during World War II after £37,000 was spent adapting it to an air-raid shelter.

Chemical toilets, wooden benches and around 500 bunk beds were installed but despite this, the tunnel remained an eerie place. Used as a place to shelter from the perils of bomb attacks, the locals described Victoria Tunnel as dark, damp and frightening.

The modern tour of Victoria Tunnel is simply fascinating, taking guests along through what it would have been like listening to the noises overhead all those years ago.

Paranormal groups have even described sightings of ghosts in the tunnel – dare you take a visit beneath?

Millennium Bridge

Part of the general Quayside area which is a vibrant and exciting with much to see and do, if you visit Newcastle a trip to Millennium Bridge is an essential.

A fascinating piece of architecture, the Millennium Bridge is already an iconic design with its innovative tilting structure. Open to pedestrians and cyclists, the Bridge runs over the river, and looks particularly sensational when lit up at night.


A Newcastle city centre hotel will offer you the best opportunity to travel to these local attractions. But the city offers far more sights, attractions and must-see places; why not take some time to explore for yourself?

Image Credits: Newcastle College and Barbara Higgins

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