6 Infomercials Gone Horribly Bad

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Curiosity got the better of me the other day and I decided to go online and do research about Infomercial products that had gone horribly bad. And I go I should explain what I mean by bad. I’m not talking about accidents and death on camera. My definition of bad is a product that made me wonder just who thought it up and who would buy such a product. And before I give you the six I thought were really bad, let me just say that I’m not knocking As Seen on TV. Most of their products are a good value and a great deal for many people.

Here are my 6 infomercials gone horribly bad:

Potty Patch

So apparently if you can’t or won’t take your dog for a walk to do his business, there is a product that does it for you. The Potty Patch is a product that allows you to bring the outdoors inside for your family pet. It is made from AstroTurf and is made to look like a patch. Your dog sees it and presto, your dog now has a patch to leave his bundle. And the better news is that now you have to clean it up and hope that it doesn’t sit too long or you may have created a more realistic dog patch inside your own home.

The Better Marriage Blanket

Don’t let the quaint name fool you into believing good thoughts. The Better Marriage Blanket was sold as a way of keeping your marriage intact by keeping your husband or wife’s fart smells away from you while you both slept. It was made to keep chemical warfare out of the marriage and replace it will a good and safe night’s sleep. I’m not sure about you, but this one really stinks. No pun intended.

Booty Pop

I also find human nature fascinating. The Booty Pop was sold to stop the embarrassment of not having a big butt or not having enough of a big ol’ booty. Somewhere between college and real life, women decided that a big booty was part of the necessities of life and this problem was only offering assistance without having plastic surgery. When I saw the product being modelled, I could only think of a big wedgy in someone’s future this is one.


Don’t think that the makers of the Potty Patch would forget your feline friends. The Citikitty is a product that helps you teach you cat to use the toilet. You have a plastic insert for the bowl that you place cat litter in and your cat uses it. Slowly over time, you end up removing the insert and your cat uses the toilet. My first question is, “WHY?” My second is “Does it teach your cat to flush as well?”

The Broccoli Wad

So I guess there are a lot of people carrying around wads of money that keep breaking rubber bands.  At least that’s what the Broccoli Wad wants you to know.  It was sold as an alternative to rubber bands that break while holding your wad of money that obviously everyone carries around these day.  I wonder if the wad of money came with it too since I’m not accustomed to carrying around that much cash on me.

The Kush Support

When I first came upon this one, I actually thought it was the Tush Support. Then I realized I was in the wrong body area. The Kush Support was made for big booby women who have a hard time sleeping on their sides because of the kindness of Mother Nature. The item was made as a padded cylinder that is placed in a women’s cleavage. Then sleeping on the side is dreamy and perfect.

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