Plan A Trip To The Enchanting Himalayas

  1. Himalayas

It goes without saying that the Himalayas are the most imposing mountains in the world. A normal person cannot comprehend how colossal these mountains are unless he visit and witness it in person. Several peaks of Himalayas are well over 8000 meters from sea level, in other words think of a humongous structure that is 8 kilometers tall and 4 kilometers wide. Add countless flora and fauna, glaciers, stunning valleys and pristine rivers to it;  we can witness  mother nature herself.

For centuries Himalayas have been the lifeline of the Indian subcontinent, the source of all perennial rivers like Ganges, Indus and Brahmaputra. They are responsible for the monsoons and heavy rains in the Northern part of the country. They acted as a barrier and protected the country from any invasion from the North. They were the home to Indian spirituality and medicine.

The Himalayas provide great sustenance to the country, in addition to that they make excellent locations for travel and pleasure. Beyond a shred of doubt Himalayan tour has been the pinnacle attraction for adventurous travelers around the globe for over 100 years. With greater awareness and accessibility, people around the world are waking up to the fact that there is more than just mountain climbing on these serene mountains.

Some of the things that make the Himalayas such a draw for people of every demography are as follows:

  1. The weather here is agreeable to most people, it is neither hot nor extremely cold, the humidity is ideal and the air is clean.
  2. There are plenty of thing to do in these mountains and valleys, based on your health you can plan your trip. People with breathing difficulty and heart issues can visit the lower regions and recuperate themselves, while those who are interested in adventure and are healthy can visit the higher regions.
  3. If you are in to adventure then you can opt for water rafting, rock climbing, motor bikes and trekking. There are amazing safaris which you can experience on jeeps or motor bikes. However Motorbike Trip to Himalaya in India requires extensive preparations, because you cannot compare a 200 mile ride in plains to a 200 mile ride in the loftiest mountains of the world.
  4. India is called as a subcontinent because it houses varied people people, numerous languages, different cultures, different races and different food habits. The length of the Himalayas is over 2,400 kilometers and the maximum width is 400 kilometers. Which means the entire area of Himalayas is more than that of several countries of the world. Which makes it an ideal place to visit several times, so that you can witness several cities, different people, cultures, cuisines and different flora & fauna.

You can explore Himalayas in solitude or as a part of a vibrant team, there is something on offer for everyone in these heavenly mountains.

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