A Luxury Getaway to Doha

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Taking into account the fact the Qatar has the highest per capita income in the world, there are no surprises when one says that it’s capital, Doha, is also fast growing into a luxury hotspot. Thousands of tourists come to this country to splurge and indulge.

Where to Base yourself while Exploring Qatar

A great way to explore this rather small country is by checking into a luxurious hotel in its capital city, Doha. This modern city exhibits rapid development and is able to easily match some of the other premier cities that are housed in the Gulf. Renting a car in Doha proves to be an apt solution when looking to maximise your time and make your trip worth its while.

Things to Explore in Doha and the Rest of Qatar

The Corniche 

Acting as the visual focus of the city of Doha, this seaside promenade offers excellent views of the Palm Tree Island and the dominating skyline of the city. The afternoons are an excellent time to interact and socialise with the locals when they are out on their routine strolls. If you cannot do without your everyday jog, this is the place to visit every morning. This area is also home to a variety of parks that are ideal for families with children.

The Pearl Qatar 

Located on the man-made island to the north of Doha, this region is considered to be among the most high-end luxury neighborhoods in the city. Take out time to walk around the Porto Arabia Marina where you can look at some of the cruise boats passing by and also window shop at some of the world’s leading automobile showrooms including the Rolls-Royce, Maserati and Ferrari. This neighborhood is also popular for its high end designer clothes shops. Explore the Qanat Quartier, also known as “Venice” of Qatar, and famous for its impressive canal system and pedestrian friendly squares.


It is a common activity to pursue in the afternoons. You will be able to find some exquisite Sheesha bars in the luxury hotels across Doha and Qatar. A grand experience is visiting the Ras-Naswa. It’s mystical environs and hints of Mughal architecture are a sight to behold.

Finally, make a trip to the narrow alleyways of the Souqs in Doha that are a rather mild version of the ones you find in other Middle Eastern cities. This is a great place to scout for some maritime hardware or relics that will be the reminders of your luxurious holiday in Qatar.

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