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Armenia has suffered a lot during the 20th century, but you’ll hardly notice it if you visit the country.  Armenia travel is a rapidly growing industry and many visitors travel to Armenia each year.  There are many travel options available if you plan on visiting Armenia with family, or with friends. The people of the country are known to be humble, easy going and welcoming. The historical attractions of Armenia as well as other recreational activities combine in making your travel experience a wonderful one.

When to Go:

Armenia has a continental climate which means that the summers are dry and winters are cold and snowy. The best time for tours to Armenia is between September and October as the season’s best in the country. If you are interested in skiing down the slopes, then January and February are good months as Armenia has some top class ski resorts.

Major Cities:

The most visited cities of Armenia are:

  • Yerevan: The largest city and the capital of Armenia, the city offers its visitors many museums to tour.
  • Gyumri: The city has the Town Square and Black Fortress as a must visit attraction.
  • Vanadzor: Located in the Northern part of Armenia, the city has many churches and a train station dating back to the Soviet Union for visits.
  • Dilijan: The resort town has many amazing surroundings and is known as “Armenian Switzerland.” The town features many monasteries for tourists.
  • Jermuk: Known as the spa town, Jermuk is located in the Southern Armenia. All of country’s mineral water is produced here and has many forests and wildlife to explore.
  • Tsaghkadzor: Known as the ski resort, the city has many activities for its visitors.


Many visitors, who travel to Armenia, choose to stay in Yerevan where you can find the maximum numbers of hotels. Range of accommodations varies from luxury hotels to mid-range and budget hotels. Many places to stay are now opening up in other cities as well, but there will be limited options if you travel with family especially kids.

Getting to and Around Armenia:

There are many flights available from around the world to get you to the Yerevan airport. From the capital, you can easily take a bus or hire a taxi that will take you to the city.

There are many day tours to Armenia that are advertised throughout Yerevan. Public transportation is also a good and an inexpensive way for travelling. Armenia travel can also be done through car rental which is a bit expensive but convenient if you are traveling with young ones.

What to Do in Armenia:

There are many sights to see in the country that are:

  • Ughtasar: The ancient fortress which can only be visited by a 4 * 4 wheeler.
  • Erebuni Fortress: The fortress which holds artifacts dating back to the time before the Christ.
  • Zvartnots Church: One of the oldest churches of the world.
  • National Gallery: The gallery has national treasures of art from the old era to the present times.
  • Yerevan Opera Theatre: You can catch some of the latest ballets and concerts at the theatre.

Visitors can also enjoy many bird watching tours, biking, hiking, skiing, and rock climbing at Armenia. The country is very warm to its visitors and offer entertainment as well as great restaurant choices. Make a plan for Armenia travel today and enjoy a wonderful experience.

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