Backpacking With A DSLR Camera: A Few Tips

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Backpacking is a term used to describe an independent traveling at a relatively low cost. So simply put, backpacking is a low-cost means of travelling for long durations or long distances. Backpacking requires the traveller to carry a backpack (a bag that is hanged on our backs). So you can decide to take your DSLR camera with you when backpacking.

But backpacking with a DSLR camera is bound to pose some new challenges like; the safety of the DSLR camera, and accessibility of the DSLR camera. So in this write-up, I am going to share a few tips with you that will help you to keep your DSLR camera safe and to also make it easily accessible, when backpacking.

Tips To Keep Your Camera Safe When Backpacking

Tip 1: Get A Camera Case That Can House Your DSLR Camera And All Its Accessories

When backpacking, camera safety should be one of your primary concerns. But you can easily overcome this hurdle by getting yourself a camera case that can contain your DSLR camera and all the lenses you want to take along. If for example you have a couple of lenses that you want to take with you on your backpacking adventure, it is important that you focus on size when buying. Don’t buy a camera bag that can’t carry your DSLR camera and all other accessories; rather go for a camera bag that has enough room to contain your DSLR camera and every other camera accessories.

But as much as size is important when buying a camera bag, please do not end up with a suitcase in the name of a camera bag. All I am saying is that; get a moderate camera bag and not an oversized bag, because if the camera bag is too big, there is every possibility that it will inconvenience you throughout your journey.

Tip 2: Get A Quality Camera Bag

Once you have decided on the size of the camera bag to buy, make sure you buy a quality bag that has been tried and proven to be very reliable when it comes to camera protection. Accidents are inevitable, so the camera bag you are buying must be one that can protect your DSLR camera even if you accidentally bump into a rock or a tree.

To find a good camera bag, check out this quality camera backpack overview on

Don’t go for cheap and substandard camera bags that cannot guarantee your camera’s safety. Make sure you buy a reliable brand that is budget friendly. After sampling the opinions of many camera bag owners, it is evident that the Timbuk2 Sneak Camera Case can guarantee your DSLR camera’s safety, as well as the safety of all the camera accessories that are packed alongside the DSLR camera.

Tips To Make Your Camera Accessible When Backpacking

When backpacking, situations might arise when you will need to take some quick shots, but it all boils down to how accessible your DSLR camera is. Below are a few tips that will help you to make your DSLR camera easily accessible;

Tip 1

Take along with you 2-4 carabiners and several feet of Para cord. Measure out some feet of Para cord and then attach a carabiner to both ends of the Para cord you just measured out. Now clip the carabiners to the 2 metal loops on top of the Timbuk2 Sneak Camera Case.

Tip 2

Now look for a very tough thing around your waist region and attach the Para cord to it in such a manner that, your camera bag will be flowing down the side of your waist; either the right side or the left side of your waist. This is a sure way to make your camera accessible and at the same time keep it safe .

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