6 things to remember when planning your US Holiday

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A holiday in the United States is one of those fantastic experiences that don’t occur every year, or for many even once in a lifetime. Whether it’s a trip to Disney Land and the theme parks in Florida, or a drive down Route 66, or even a trip to the Big Apple – you want to make it as enjoyable of time as possible.

As is easy to understand one of the very best ways to do this is to plan well ahead and ensure that there is no chance for a mishap along the way. We’ve compiled a list of things that you should do before you take your big trip to America.

Book in Advance

Booking well in advance provides you not only with more options, but is also a far cheaper way to do things too. From flights, to hotels, the best deals are afforded to those who are organised and book well in advance.

Price comparison sites are one of the best options out there for people looking for low cost flights to the USA and Skyscanner is one of our favourites. Holiday Pirates is a UK based site that offers deals throughout the world and is also worth a mention in this regard as it provides some fantastic deals across the pond now and again and is worth keeping an eye on. Visas

The USA is notoriously strict as regards its immigration policy and being organised and ensuring all the ‘t’s are crossed and ‘I’s are dotted can make a big difference when entering into the country. There’s plenty of services out there but ESTA visas is one recommended by many and is worth a look for anyone hoping to enter the country for under 90 days.


The worst place to purchase currency is at the airport and out advice is to do so well in advance. There are a number of great sites on the web that will show you the best places to collect and also the best that deliver dollars. If you’re changing any reasonable amount you will find that you can save a lot of money by shopping around and comparing. If you don’t have time, perhaps look when you get there.

The Day Before

If you’re travelling to the airport, you’ll want to be there in plenty of time – ideally two hours. So, prepare everything in advance. From packing, to booking the taxi, to ensuring you have your passport, money and keys. Organisation the day before the trip will make the whole thing a whole lot easier and ensure you are there in plenty of time and not flustered – something nobody needs when in the airport.


A lot of younger people coming from the UK in particular forget that alcohol and the drinking age in the USA is 21 as opposed to 18 in their home country. This of course is something of a surprise when they arrive there. We just thought it was worth a mention as you can see.

Enjoy Yourself

However, if you are planning a trip to a specific city in the US you can plan it better. For instance, there are lots of things to do in Chicago and the trip can be planned based on that.

A trip to the USA is often something a lot of us only do a limited number of times in our lives and therefore it should be enjoyed. Remember, make the most of this wonderful experience and do all the things that you wanted to do for years as you mightn’t get back again. It’s an amazing country, make the most of it.


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