The Chocolate Affair – A Chocoholic’s Guide to Zurich

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A major part of the romance in the Swiss city of Zurich comes in the form of Chocolate. A popular aphrodisiac, chocolate never tasted this good before. With quaint tours for cocoa-hungry crowds through the Old Town of Zurich, this city is a chocolate lover’s dream come true. 

Chocolate Tours in Zurich

Many of the local tours start right outside the flagship store of Sprungli, a leading chocolate maker that is best known for its delicate bite-sized almond meringues. In Zurich, you are never too far from an artisanal chocolate maker. That said, it is still rather challenging to find a truly excellent chocolate, and hence a guided tour.

With a number of local connoisseurs organizing exquisite tours, visitors are able to optimize their passion and knowledge about the smaller shops and experience the best chocolate that the city has to offer.

While Sprungli may seem like the best option for those on the hunt for the best confectioneries, these tours focus more on hidden, artisanal shops that are yet unperturbed by tourists.

The Hidden Gems of Zurich

Hidden gems in the form of Honold, a family owned shop, sit on lively pedestrian streets in the Old Town. Chocolate lovers cannot seem to get enough of Lotti’s Best, a crumbly nougat feuilletine covered with Criollo de Venezuela 65% as well as milk chocolate. On your tour, you will also be able to taste a variety of creations that consist of unique ingredients such as galangal and lemongrass. For lovers of other baked goods, you also have a chance to taste some light cupcakes with cream cheese toppings.

During the trip, visitors are able to understand the significance of beans and where they originate from. Just like wine, their “terroir” determines the flavor of the chocolate. The cocoa percentage figures given on chocolate bars determine only the sugar content and the darkness and do not reflect quality.

A perfect way to take a break from all the tasting is by pausing at some of the numerous fountains, where you can cleanse your sweetened senses and palates and discuss everything you learnt about chocolate.

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