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Phuket, is Thailand’s largest island, however it is smaller than even Singapore. Phuket is connected to mainland Thailand by two long beautiful bridges. This amazing island is in Andaman sea and is situated off the west coast of Thailand. It is strategically located in the Ind0-China trading route and was an important trading destination once, however now this region derives much of its income from tourism.Tourists who visit Phuket will get to enjoy some of the most pristine beaches in South-East Asia. Phuket has a wide range of beaches right from the quiet and long ones in the north to to the idyllic Nai Harn Beach in the south. There is a beach for everyone based on their taste and choice. In addition to the beautiful beaches there are several little coves as well.

Most of the beautiful beaches of Phuket are located along the western coast, the sand in this region is golden colored and is very fine. Therefore the beaches of the western coast are always very busy with huge crowds. If you are looking for small strips of beaches with very few people around or idyllic ones then you should opt for the north-west or eastern beaches.

All beaches in Thailand are public, so you can visit any beach. Most beaches in Phuket have sun loungers for rent. The average daily rental for a sun lounger is around 100 baht. These usually come with a foam mattress. There are lot of stalls around where you can get all kind of refreshments like water, soft drinks and snacks at reasonable price.


Avoid the Rip Tides: The rainy seasons in Phuket is a bit dangerous. The waves during the rainy season are large and create powerful tides called as the rip tides. The authorities raise red flags during these tides, and if there are red flags flying, then going for a swim is dangerous. These rip tides can create a very strong drag and can pull away even seasoned swimmers.

Be Careful About the Stings: Swimmers of Phuket beaches often complain about those little stings they experience while swimming. This happen because of the stingers floating in the water (fallen from jelly fish in to the water). The other reason is sea mite, a tiny sea creature which bites us when it come into contact with our skin. However both these are harmless, however there are rare cases of allergic reactions to these bites, so be prepared and carry some anti-allergic drugs with you.

Use the Right Cab Service: In Phuket, and good transfer service (cab service) is needed while traveling around. Choosing the right transfer service is extremely important as there are a few services that could rip you. One of the most reputed cab service in Phuket is Phuket Airport Transfer; this Phuket Taxi service can take you to any place within the island. If you make a prior booking with them, then their taxi driver would wait for you at the airport exit with a placard. They can take you to your hotel and to every place you wish to visit in Phuket.

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