5 Reasons a Serviced Apartment Close to London’s Shoreditch is a Great Idea

  1. Serviced Apartment Close to London

Why wouldn’t you want to take out a short term let near Shoreditch? Within the last ten years it has become one of the most popular areas of London to live in or around. And it’s progressed from being a pretty unappealing area with a grey and depressing feel to it, to a strong and bustling centre of the London art scene. It’s a place full of character with secret bars and pubs, hundreds of art galleries, a huge party scene and an amazing selection of food outlets.

The area forms part of the Hackney Borough and so it is placed within excellent proximity to Central London. The area does have a very industrial feel to it, but the positive vibe and atmosphere of the area, as well as the constant renovation to local buildings mean it’s an ever-changing, exciting place to travel to and stay around for a few weeks.

Here are 5 reasons a serviced apartment vacation rental close to London’s Shoreditch is a great idea:

  1. Why Serviced?

Serviced apartments are ideal for vacation rentals, they come fully furnished and have plenty of high quality amenities for you to use so you don’t have to worry about sourcing anything yourself. They are designed to be incredibly convenient and the majority are a lot cheaper to stay in than hotel rooms, despite the comparable quality and level of service.

  1. The People

Shoreditch is an international area, a cultural area and a friendly area. There isn’t one particular majority or minority, so everyone fits in. You will find people from everywhere and anywhere – France, Bangladesh, Germany, and there’s still also a population of East Londoners who have never left the area because they love it so much. If you’re creative, you will absolutely adore Shoreditch and it only takes one visit, one adventure, to fall in love with the place. Here you’re likely to experience experimental street food, art, and see exactly what modern London really is.

  1. Fun Time

If you like to party, or if you simply enjoy having access to fantastic pubs and entertainment, this area will not leave you bored. Of course there is always a new gallery and art exhibition to be enjoyed, and many of them are within walking distance of each other so you can enjoy several art exhibitions in one day (and some of them offer you free drinks!). Some days of the month you can see hundreds of tourist moving between galleries, enjoying the social art scene and free drinks throughout the day. You will also find lots of exceptional bars and pubs catering to every taste. It’s a great place for short term lets in London without a doubt.

  1. Proximity to Central London

The transport links in this area are exceptional, with buses and rail links galore you won’t find it difficult to get about here. Depending on which tube stop you use, allowing roughly 2 minutes per tube stop, it shouldn’t take you more than 25 minutes to get into Central London. If you want to see London then you’re sure to enjoy an incredibly varied and fun walk to and from here each day of your stay. If you work in Central London you can feel assured you’re within an easy distance of your workplace, but you’re not paying Central London prices for your accommodation.

  1. It won’t be the same in 1 year, let alone 5

If you like change, are staying for a few weeks and you want to see an area develop, this is the place for you. There are constant pop up shops and developments occurring all the time here as it becomes an increasingly popular area to invest in. If you get bored easily and want a truly colourful escape from the usual city stay, move to this area and start enjoying everything it has to offer.

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