Essex – Immortalize Your Vacation To This Beautiful County

  1. Essex Attractions

England is divided in to 48 counties, and Essex is one of the important counties of England. Essex is also one of the important tourist destinations of England. Essex is located in the eastern side of England, and is one of the non metropolitan but populous counties. The county has a huge green belt which has prohibited development to protect the forests and environment. The South side of the county is bound by River Thames, and has vast agricultural lands. Overall the natural scenery of Essex is stunning all round the year.

Essex has a huge airport – The London Stansted Airport and a major port – Port of Tilbury; making it easy for the tourists to visit the county. Some of the major tourist attractions of Essex are its pristine beaches, old castles, historical churches and the vast agricultural lands.

Landmarks of Essex:

  • Bradwell on sea – This village is located about 9 km north-east of Southminster County. Also called as Bradwell-next-the-Sea, this village is home to one of the most beautiful beaches of the world. The village also has numerous restaurants and other tourist attractions.
  • Clacton-on-Sea – This town used to be a very famous tourist destination,  today it is more of a pensioners’ paradise. However it is still a tourist destination during the summers. It has beautiful beaches, a stunning golf course, pleasure pier, caravan park and arcade. August is a great month to visit Clacton as there is the Clacton carnival and the Clacton Air show, displaying modern as well as historic aircrafts such as Jaguars, Hurricane, Red Arrows and more.
  • Hedingham Castle – This castle is believed to be built in the late 11th century by Aubrey de Vere. The castle was renovated and a new floor was added during the late 15th century.

Immortalize Your Vacation:

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