5 Things You Need To Do For Your Dog Before You Go On Holidays

  1. Take care of your dogs during holidays

Generally, it’s okay to bring your pet on your holiday vacation or trip. But there are instances when it’s better to leave your dog at home than bringing it along with the baggage. Examples include: pure business trips, personal bonding with your partner, or when you need to go overseas. Being away with your pet shouldn’t be a problem when you have other family members who can take good care of it while you are away. But what if there is none? Would you rely solely on pet insurance?

Here are 5 things you should ensure for your dog before you go on a holiday:

  1. Find a reliable pet sitter. If there are baby sitters, there are also pet sitters who can take good care of the common household animals like cats and dogs. Although you need to pay extra amount for the service, this is a better option rather than just leaving your dog to someone else. Aside from plain sitters, there are also pet schools which can additionally train your dog with the basic manners. If you want your pet to be pampered while you are away, go for the pet spa or pet hotel options.
  2. Prepare the things the dog will need while you are away. Aside from pet insurance, ensure that your pet has a supply of its favorite dog food. It might not be comfortable being fed by another person or a stranger, so it’s a must to pick the dog’s favorite food. Aside from food, provide all the necessary supplies and tools for grooming, for playing, etc. You might also want to discuss the dog’s behavior to the dog sitter for him or her to be prepared.
  3. Ensure that your dog had sufficient exercise before you leave. Similar to humans, exercise is essential for dogs. Without exercise or physical activity, a dog can be irritated and its mood shall be affected all throughout the day. So before going away, you should ensure that your dog had sufficient exercise to get it on a relaxed mood or state.
  4. Remove or hide household items which can hurt the dog or items it could accidentally damage. If your dog will stay at home with your other family members, ensure that valuable and fragile items are hidden from its sight. You don’t want to see all your cherished decors, antiques, and collections to be broken or destroyed when you come back. These will not be paid by your pet insurance. Additionally, you might want to eliminate items or chemicals which could harm or endanger your pet. Examples include household chemicals which can poison the dog when ingested.
  5. Prepare for emergencies. While you are away, unexpected things can happen. Prepare for these emergencies by; giving a full record of your pet’s health to the sitter, giving your trusted vet’s name and office, and providing your contact numbers for faster communication. A pet insurance that would cover veterinary or clinic fees is a must as well.

These are just some of the things to consider before you go away without your pet. Alternatively, bringing them with you can also be a great way to ensure they’re all okay.

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