5 Things You Must Experience While Traveling In Asia

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Asia is a hot tourist destination today. People from all over the world invest their time, money and effort just to have a glimpse of the wonderful cities and countries in Asia.

When in Asia, what are the five things that you most definitely must experience? Here are some!

The Tourist Spots 

Asia is filled with various tourist spots that would certainly quench any wanderlust thirst that you have. This is true regardless of what your likes are. If you are a beach bum, there are many tropical places in Asia that is jam packed with beautiful beaches. Take a look at Boracay for example. The fine and white sand is this beach is something that you cannot find in any other continent. If you are a culture and history lover, then visit the various temples in Thailand, Korea and China. The historical stories behind these countries will surely astound you. If it is adventure parks and technology that intrigue you, there is the Lego land in Malaysia, Disneyland in Hong Kong, Universal Studios in Singapore and many more. Plus, let’s not forget that Japan is the bomb when it comes to high technology appliances and gadgets.

The Food 

Asians love to eat. The best thing about them? They invest time, effort and a whole lot of planning in preparing their foods. If you are from Western countries, you will surely appreciate the uniqueness of the foods that they have in this continent. Foods can be found anywhere in Asia. Their street foods range from fruits, meats, seafoods and the likes. Their restaurants offer a wide array of food choices– from dim sum to noodles to pastas, rice viands and many more.

The Massage 

If it is relaxation that you are after, then the Asian massage is something that you should definitely not miss! The massage offered in Asia is different from all the other types of massage that you will encounter. This is because they focus not only on relaxation but these massages help promote healing too. Their traditional massage has been used by their ancestors and is considered as a big part of their culture. When in Asia, you should definitely try out acupuncture, hot stone massage, Thai massage and many more.

The People 

Asians are well known for their hospitality. It is true that there are people in this continent who will scam you, rob you and the likes. However, most Asians have great concern for people, most especially to tourists. If you are lost, they will be more than willing to give your directions. In fact, most of them would even assist you in going to places. When you enter restaurants, you will always be greeted and would be served with a warm smile.

The Shopping 

Asia is considered as a great shopping destination too. Everyone would surely love to shop for effective and affordable skin care products and cosmetics in the streets of Myeong dong in Korea. How about buying big labels such as Louis Vuitton, Prada and the likes at Orchard Road in Singapore. And of course, let us not forget the shopping haven that is Bangkok!

So, what are you waiting for? Visit Asia now and enjoy all these amazing things!

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