Stag-do in Birmingham – A Quick Guide

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Birmingham may not strike you as the stag do capital of the world, however there’s plenty to do in this city for a last night of freedom.

As the second largest city in the UK, Birmingham is quite an easy place to access from across the UK. This means that it can be quite a good place for a stag in geographical terms. However, for those who haven’t been there before – here are some of the popular spots for stags.

Drinking Games

Drinking games go hand and hand with a stag do and there are all sorts of great games that can be played with the notion of getting the stag ‘fired up’. There are some great personal favourites on this site.

A pub crawl can be the perfect place to try these games and the Metro Pub Crawl in Birmingham is a good option and an exciting one that a lot of people like to take part in.


Birmingham’s China Town area is actually a great vibrant place for stags and hens to spend the beginning of their evening. Besides places to eat, it’s also full of great bars, karaoke and a whole lot more. There’s also a number of clubs that are ideal for stag parties, including Arca, which plays House music, or alternatively Popp Red, which is a bit more on the funky side.

The area around Broad Street is the perfect place for those after club munchies and does a mean kebab – help soak up the beer after a night out.

If you wish to go for a more upmarket vibe then The Mailbox is a good place to take a trip to, though you must dress in smart attire and there’s a slightly older crown. The pub is quite orientated towards the real ales and the traditional feel. Penny Blacks is also a good option too and offers a similar vibe. Red Peppers is a good place to eat beforehand and provides fantastic Indian. Once again, finish the night on Broad Street with a kebab – it’s the done thing. If you don’t want to go home then Bandit Queen is a good place to go.

Have a Theme

Perhaps you’ll have a theme as a lot of stags do and have a theme, whether it’s a theme that’s been created to embarrass the stag or a theme that’s created around an activity. It can be fun to do something a little different.

From dressing the stag up in a ridiculous outfit to everybody dressing up as superheroes or golfers for example, there’s a whole lot of fun to be had from acting a little silly when on a stag-so. Remember, the purpose of the weekend is to partially embarrass the stag so he’s ear marked as someone never allowed returning to the city of Birmingham or its surrounding areas again.

Stag-dos are a lot of fun so why not follow some of these tips and take part in an exciting and fun trip to the midlands.

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