3 amenities you must have on your next charter flight

  1. amenities you must have on your flight

Nothing spells luxury more than the ability to fly on private jet charter flights. Not everyone can well afford the steep costs that come with this service, so the whole thing remains more or less an exclusive service within a small community of well-to-do travelers.

The costs for private jet charter flights are spelled in large part by the high quality and personalized sort of service that you are afforded before, during, and after your flight. These costs are usually determined by a number of factors. These include the aircraft type, amount of fuel burned, as well as ground handling and catering costs.

Since ticket costs for private jet charter flights are considerably more expensive than the tickets for usual commercial flights, it goes without saying that you should expect for nothing less than quality service. Here are 3 amenities you must have on your next charter flight:

The ultimate in mid-air comfort

One of the principal reasons why you book a private jet charter flight is to do away with the indignities and hassles that usually come with flying on commercial flights. Needless to say, it is expected that you will be afforded with excellent amenities designed to make your flight as comfortable as possible.

Key to inflight comfort is the quality of the chair on the plane. Yours should be made of plush leather with full-sized pullout beds. You should be afforded a semblance of privacy to be on your own and be given the time to relish tasty inflight meals served on fine china, not the bland, infamous kind that other airlines offer. The bathroom should also be clean, and for long-haul flights, should feature modern shower stalls.

Availability of productivity tools

Many of those who avail of private jet charter flights are business people who need to be connected to the Internet and their phones anytime of the day. As such, it is necessary that your charter flight should have Internet access with streaming capabilities over a satellite service, an international phone, fax, and power outlets. All these things are requisites if you are looking to make the most of your time in order to get some work done en route to your destination.

Wide assortment of inflight entertainment

The quality of a flight can sometimes be gauged by the assortment of inflight entertainment available. The basics include movies, TV shows, games, and music that encompasses a variety of genres. These basics can be heightened by a number of unique amenities carefully tailored to make your inflight entertainment experience much more special. In this regard, plasma TVs, iPod docking stations, and high-fidelity audio devices are most certainly welcome.

Whether you are flying for work or leisure, these 3 amenities you must have on your next charter flight are bound to make your journey to your destination comfortable, convenient, and worth every penny you shelled out for it. Make sure to ask either your operator or broker for these amenities before taking that flight. One of the best private jet charter flight companies in the world is ECS Jets, who services hundreds of flights each month for the world’s elite including A-list celebs and government dignitaries. If you are considering booking a charter flight in the near future, bet sure to check out their website and get a quote.

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