The Best Nightlife in Vegas

  1. Las Vegas Night Life

In the city that never sleeps, you’d be right to expect an exciting selection of night-time activities providing you with tons of entertainment experiences you’re unlikely to ever forget.

Bars, clubs and shows are aplenty on the strip, many of them being louder and brighter than anything you’re likely to have encountered before in your home town.

Here is a brief rundown of just some of the best nightlife in Las Vegas:

The Clubs

Las Vegas has some incredible night clubs available to show you how to party like you’ve definitely never partied before. Here are a few of the best clubs in Las Vegas:

XS Nightclub; The club most recently made famous by Prince Harry’s late night pool race with Ryan Locthe, is at the top of Las Vegas visitors lists to experience. It plays host to some of the world’s most amazing DJ’s including; David Guetta, Avicii and Mark Ronson; book tickets early to avoid disappointment.

TAO; This nightclub and Asian bistro contains a fantastic amount of quirky far east furniture and always seems to be overflowing with attractive people, who are so good looking you’ll be struggling to even notice the fabulous decor!

Marquee; A 60,000 square foot party central, the Marquee features seven bars, a continuous stream of amazing DJ’s and the most impressive feature of all, a summer pool that turns into a skating rink in winter!

The Shows

You would have more than likely been in space/ had your head in the ground/ have media phobia if you’ve never heard of the Las Vegas shows. From Elton to Celine, the best of the best have all had residentials here and you’ll never fall short of an incredible show to see:

Cirque Du Soleil; With various shows on offer at different times of the year, you’ll struggle to avoid this acrobatic extravaganza in Las Vegas. The shows combine live music, showmanship and incredible acrobatics to create a visual and aural feast of magical delights.

Penn and Teller; Two of the most experienced, well weathered magicians alive, Penn and Teller introduce you to some classic Las Vegas magic.

Panda; If you’ve seen a picture of this production you’d be right in wondering how on earth they trained all those pandas to perform like that! Fear not, this is an animal free production that is the strips first authentic Chinese show. Containing genuine kung fu and acrobatics you’ll never have seen anything like Panda.

And remember, Las Vegas looks just as stunning outside as is does inside so you must make sure you enjoy some of the famous night-time sights during your stay, including; The Bellagio’s famous dancing fountains, Nevada Desert Milkyway spotting (away from the strip) and fun art and music activities in the Las Vegas Arts district.

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