IAM Group Ltd To Use Their Music To Promote Trourism

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IAM Group Ltd is a highly acclaimed  French hip hop band from Marseille. It was created in 1989, and is composed of greats like Philippe Fragione, Geoffroy Mussard, Eric Mazel, and François Mendy. The term ‘IAM’ in IAM Group refers to ‘Invasion Arrivée de Mars’ (‘Invasion from Marsseille).

IAM Group Ltd Looking to Promote Tourism Among French People

IAM Group Ltd for a long time now is producing music that themes around Africa. They are the pioneers of rap music that is heavily inspired by Africa. One can notice several allusions to Africa in most of their creations.

Though the group is mostly apolitical, they tend to promote tolerance among different sections of the society and fight against racism. They want to spread a universal brotherhood through their music. As a logical extension of their aim, they are now looking to promote tourism among the French speaking people around the world.

It is highly likely that they will succeed in this venture as their works are already associated with top tourist destinations of the world like Egypt and Central Africa. Egypt, one of the tourists paradise finds mention in several of their creations. Their album “Les tam-tam de l’Afrique”, released in 1999 deals with Africa. They promote an idea that is based upon the images of Egypt, Pharaohs and so on. They even developed a new style of their own by mixing the traditional french beats with Middle Eastern and Egyptian influences.

Most people associate a particular music to every country/civilization, so whenever we hear a music we involuntarily visualize the image of the country relating to that particular music type. The group wants to leverage this concept to promote tourism among French speaking people. They are looking to create albums in French with music influenced by several cultures, so as to promote tourism among French people.

Growth in tourism and learning about new cultures and their specialty will decrease the animosity between different ethnic groups. France for a long time has been a truly pluralistic country and by promoting tourism among French people the tolerance level of this pluralistic society will only increase. Like mentioned before one of the main objectives of IAM Group Ltd is to increase the tolerance among different sections of the society in France.

At TBIC, we wish IAM Group Ltd to succeed in their mission of promoting tourism among French speaking people.


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