Reasons why you should take a vacation

If you’re a careerist or “workaholic” you’ve probably already heard someone utter the phrase “you really need to take a vacation” at you.  Most of the time, this indicates that someone is picking up on your general level of stress and/or frustration and is perhaps recommending a beneficial course of action to you.  Of course this is just one example, there are plenty of other reasons why you should take a holiday vacation once in a while…

First off, there’s the issue we just covered – stress.  As they say, stress is a “killer” and has been linked to a coterie of health problems which not only degrade the quality of life in the present, but also short life expectancy.  This alone should illuminate the need for more frequent vacations, but nevertheless, some people continuously push forward into extremes, essentially hurting themselves in unforeseen ways.  Taking the time to unwind all the pent up strain and tension is incredibly therapeutic and altogether necessary in our modern world.

Secondly, this is your life – why not fill it with pleasurable memories and events instead of and endless tirade of abject activities.  One could easily say “but I can’t afford to go on vacation”, which might very well be the case in some instances.  But one could just as easily respond to such an assertion with a quote from an old James Bond movie (The World is Not Enough) – “What’s the point of living if you can’t feel alive?”  Sure, that might be a tad too philosophical for some, but the more you think about it, such existential notions are worth contemplating.  One of the important things is to consider a travel destination.

Assuming you do decide to take a vacation, remember to have fun and stay safe.

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