Lake Garda – The Largest Lake in Italy

  1. Lake Garda

Shadowed by the Dolomites and a playground for Italians, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. With glistening clear waters, fine beaches and lots of activities from water sports to other outdoor activities and all kind of tours. There are endless choices from kite surfing to windsurfing, sailing and hiking, mountain biking or climbing. The resorts surrounding the lake are very different from each other and the perfect way to sense all their flavours is by traveling around them by ferry or by car and blend in with the locals.  Take a ride with the cable car from Mount Baldo’s base.

From the top of the mountain the views are dazzling. The trip is about 10 minutes and in the winter this is the perfect spot for skiing and snowboarding. The most spectacular feature is that on the 2nd leg the car revolves slowly so that tourists can have a 360 degree view overlooking Lake Garda. Visit the castles. Crowning Malcesine’s center, Scaligero Castle and Museum owns a collection of books written by Goethe and from the tower’s top the views truely are spectacular.Another impressive castle worth visiting is Arco Castle. This is located just 5km north of Riva, in the medieval village of Arco.

In the north of Sirmione, lies an ancient Roman maze called Catullo’s Cave. Discovered in the 1st century BC, this is in fact the largest domestic Roman villa and not a cave like the name suggests.

Besides the numerous activities and sights, Lake Garda offers great restaurants to try the local cuisine. Home-made, fresh ice cream is to die for and the gelato shops usually have more than 50 flavors. Prosciutto, cheese or fresh vegetables and fruits are preferred, but being very popular among Germans, Lake Garda has restaurants with menus from German or Austrian cuisine as well. Lake Garda is a beautiful lake which offers a variety of fun activities for those who visit.

Hotels at the lake are reasonably priced starting at around 45 euro per night. For those who want more upscale luxury accommodations I found these to be reasonably priced as well with prices in the range of 120 euro per night.

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