Oakland Airport Parking

  1. Oakland International Airport

Oakland airport is one of the oldest airports of the world, it was built in 1927. The airport was frequently expanded between 1940 and 1970. Recently FedEx opened a large cargo station in the Oakland airport. This cargo station is the largest and the busiest freight terminal in the United States. With the largest cargo station and serving more than 14 million passengers a year, Oakland airport is one of the most important establishments in the United States with excellent passenger amenities like ATMs, Wi-Fi, shops and retail outlets, eateries, currency exchange, conference facilities, and so on.  However getting a good parking space near Oakland airport is difficult.

You can get great deals on tickets for early flights, however that means you should reach the airport at around 5 am. Asking someone to wake up at 4 am to give you a ride might be a bit embarrassing. There are certain alternatives for this issue, you can opt for the Park and Fly services, or you can opt for a low profile hotel that may let you park the car.

The other alternative is the built in lots at the Oakland International Airport where you can park directly. There is also valet parking however it is very expensive. If you park at the airport then you should use the airport’s shuttle service that runs between the parking lot and the departure area.

Best Oakland Airport Parking Service:

Parking at Oakland Airport is now a breeze, all thanks to Expresso Parking. In addition to getting a good parking space, you will get to enjoy a lot more benefits with this service. Some of the many benefits of choosing this service over other parking services are

  • You need not worry about finding a good parking spot, as you can reserve a spot online even before you start. All you need to do is click on the “Reserve a Space option in their website. You will get your parking space without any hassle.
  • They also provide a real time flight view screen. This will help you to plan your schedule better, you can check the status of your flight before you leave the parking facility.
  • They also provide a 100% free shuttle service to the Oakland international airport. You will be able to reach the airport in a matter of few minutes.
  • They also provide you optional add on services like washing and waxing your car.

Finally you have access to a great parking facility at an affordable rate near the Oakland airport.

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