Planning a Mexico Bass Fishing Trip

  1. Bass Fishing in Mexico

Bass fishing today is a global multi-billion dollar industry. Bass fishing as a sport started in the late 19th century, today black bass is the second most sought after game fish in the entire North America.  Bass fishing is the activity of angling for a group of gamefish known as black bass, this is very specific to North America. The tremendous growth of this game has made fishing tourism flourish in several places in North America.

If you are an angler and if you are hunting for the best location for bass fishing then you should take a look at Mexico. Mexico has some of the most stunning bass fishing lakes and rivers in the world. Another beauty of mexico is the growing season is very long because of its latitude unlike the United States and Canada. However you should plan your fishing trips well in advance for having a great experience.

You need a proper license issued by Mexican authorities for fishing in Mexico. The license they issue will be universal and will enable you to fish most species of fishes in every region of Mexico.  An yearly license would cost you around 50 USD. If you are booking a vacation package then you can request the resort authorities for the license, you can also get this license while you hire a boat. However you should do this at least a week before your trip.

There are certain restrictions and regulations for fishing in Mexico, just make sure to read them as these laws are very strict. Unlike few decades ago Mexico today offers best lodges and resorts. Due to the rising popularity of Mexico as one of the best tourist destinations of the world, getting good resorts and lodges is becoming increasingly difficult. It is always better to opt for a vacation package with a resort that has water body within them. The are several groups in Mexico which own wide range of resorts, you can make an online reservation and make all the payments via online. Doing so will help you to be better  prepared for a pleasurable vacation, most groups have online booking system and payment gateway where you can choose the resort and other details like .You can find a comprehensive all-included vacation package.

The final thing that you need to do is to create a checklist with all the requirements for bass fishing. Things like fishing equipment, first aid kit, medical supplies and shots for local insect bites. Also getting local maps and the maps of the lakes will be helpful.

Have Fun.

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