Planning A Great Mexican Vacation

  1. A Trip to Mexico

There cannot be a better country than Mexico to go on a vacation. The reason is pretty simple, Mexico has everything right from pristine beaches, archaeological ruins, great architecture, delicious cuisine, great night life, world class resorts, beautiful forests and mountains, golf courses and a great climate. Today this Latin American nation is one of most sought after countries for a vacation and the income from tourism is a significant portion of the Mexican GDP.

Mexico is the ideal destination for travelers on a budget. Despite the tourism boom, Mexico still offers affordable lodging and food. However planning in advance can make your trip cheaper.

Plan In Advance

The peak touring season in Mexico is between July and September, and during the winter between November and February. The lodging and flight rates are generally pretty high during this season. You can combat this by planning your trip well in advance, else you will have an inflated travel budget.

Last Minute Deals

You might also get great last minute deals if you are open-minded and flexible about your hotel or location. Mexico has truly become a hot spot tourist hub and last minute cancellations by other travelers will help you in getting hotels at throw away prices, so if you are willing to risk and wait until the last moment then you may get fantastic deals.

Social Network Sites

Today the distance between the service provider and the customer is very little. The customers can follow the service providers via social networks like twitter. By following the twitter handles of resorts you will be in touch with the resort management and you will get to know their latest events and attractions. This might help you in planning your vacation in a better way. For instance Vida vacations update all their important events and updates in their twitter handle , by following the twitter handle you will get to know the right time to plan your vacation.

Types of Deals

If you are traveling to Mexico then you should be aware of the two major types of vacation deals. The first one is the all-included vacation package, ideally suited for family and large groups.  You can save a lot as it includes everything right from accommodation, meals to travel services. All inclusive packages will help you in sticking to your budget plans.

The other major type is  a la carte. A la carte deals provide you greater flexibility, the French term a la carte literally means “according to the menu”. Meals and travel services are generally not included. However you will have the freedom to explore without worrying about going back to the hotel for the meal.

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