Florence and Tuscany – A Stylish Trip to Italy

  1. Florence and Tuscany Travel Guide

The one thing everyone looks forward to is their annual holiday. Normally, they plan a trip to the country side or the hills, for change in weather and to explore unknown territory. But the dream that most of us have is to visit Italy and Tuscany at least once in our lifetime. These places are known for their natural beauty and the lovely architecture that sets them apart from the rest of the world. The place where Pizza originated, designers create clothes that one would die for, these towns have carved a niche for themselves on the world map.

When you decide the dates for your trip and are looking forward to holidaying in Tuscany, you should also plan out other details related to the vacation. Accommodation being the key element, you need to figure out where you will be staying during your trip. There are several hotels and cottages available for the tourists to relax in. But the quaint villas are what make the town so special and surreal. Most of them are old barns converted to villas, fitted with all modern appliances and fittings. The outdoors is as much a part of the villa, which you feel as if you are one with nature. Home to many of the European cultures, in Tuscany and around it, you can witness culture from other parts of Europe. Since it is one of the twenty regions of Italy, you find a lot of similarities between the towns. You can also visit Florence, the capital city, where flowers, food and people will attract you.

If you would rather stay at a holiday home, why not choose from the wide range available. There are some for small families and others that are multi level, and ideal for families with children. Plenty of space to move around, a fully furnished home, the people who stay there can cook their meals and enjoy the comforts of being at home. In Tuscany countryside, there are luxurious farm houses and villas catering to the crowd who love to open doors to the mountains. Wake up and watch the sun rise behind the mountains, sip your coffee in the patio that has a country feel to it.

Villas situated a couple of kilometers from the Cathedral of Florence are quite popular and comfortable as well. So, if you would like to stay somewhere with little noise around, these Villa Florence are just what you need. They all have about 8-9 beds that you can reserve for your family, or share with other families as well. If you are going on a week long holiday, and look forward to exploring towns around Tuscany, you could park your bags here, and move around. It would work out cheaper that way, instead of staying at different hotels, and lugging your bags around. Some of these farmhouses even have swimming pool and a gym, which would come in handy if you are looking to unwind after a day of sight seeing or shopping

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